8 Convenience Store Alcoholic Drinks You Must Try!

A night out in Tokyo is not complete without a quick stop at the nearest convenience store. And why not? Convenience stores are ubiquitous in Japan. These ultra-convenient one-stop shops host not only a variety of lunch boxes, rice balls, and snacks… but also a fantastic selection of alcoholic drinks that can only be found in Japan. 

With a significant variety of sake, cocktails, beer, and shochu available the are endless options can be overwhelming.

Get ready to crack open a can, because here is our selection of the must-try alcoholic drinks found at Japanese convenience stores!


Japanese convenience store

A night out in Tokyo doesn’t start without one of these flavored chu-hi’s. 

The ‘Chuhai’ is an abbreviation of shochu highball (Japanese rice alcohol mixed with soda water), and it one of the most common cocktails you will find in Japan. 

Part of its appeal is its drinkability, and the variety of flavors ranging from Lemon, Grape Fruit, Lime, Pineapple ext make it easy to chug in front of a convenience store. 

Strong Chuhai:

Japanese convenience store

As the name suggests, the STRONG Chuhai is a 9% cocktail bomb in a can. And isn’t to be taken lightly. Many unknowing travelers have succumbed to drunken nights in Tokyo nights from just one or two of these little aluminum devils. 

But if you want to dive right into your night headfirst, a Stong Chuhai is the way to go. I recommend the Strong Dry for a less sweet taste. 


Japanese convenience store

For the soft member in your group, the Horoyoi is a lighter, almost milkier chuhai. 

This popular Suntory drink is favorite with the ladies and lads who can’t handle anything higher than 3%. Imagine a mix of calpis and chuhai, and you’ll have a good idea of what this taste like. 

Horoi flavors

Horoyoi also comes in a variety of sweet flavors like grape, peach, and more. 

Premium Yebisu Beer

Japanese convenience store

The Premium Yebisu, is in my opinion, the absolute best can of mainstream Japanese beer you can get at a convenience store. 

Initially produced in Ebisu, Tokyo, Yebisu is a deep and rich beer that utilized German brewing techniques. 

If you want the best of the best, be sure to grab a can off the shelf. 

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