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CORONAVIRUS IN TOKYO: What’s Closed and Whats Open

Updated April 8th. Tokyo has seen a sudden rise in coronavirus infections following the cancellation of the Olympic Games. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared a State of Emergency which will last till May 6th. Tokyo residents are being asked to refrain from leaving their homes. Public places, bars, hostess clubs, and nightclubs are all being asked to close as well.

The coronavirus is throwing Tokyo’s tourism industry into a loop. The rapid spread around the world and the increasing amount of cases in Japan is causing popular tourist attractions and nightclubs to close. 

And that is a real downer given that spring is a popular season to travel to Tokyo and experience the fantastic weather and gorgeous cherry blossoms. 

To help you plan your trip to Tokyo, we have rounded up Tokyo’s popular tourist attractions that are closing or modifying their operating hours due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Note that all temporary closure dates are fluid and could change at any moment. We will do our best to keep this article updated. 

Click here for updates on coronavirus cases in Tokyo and Japan:

Coronavirus in Tokyo

Meguro River Cherry Blossom Festival

Closure Period: March 20 until further notice.

Naka-Meguro’s famous River Cherry Blossom festival is canceled. It is also advised not to visit cherry blossoms during the weekend of March 27th, 28, and 29th.

Robot Restaurant Tickets

Robot Restaurant

Closure Period: From March 28th to April 12th Robot Restaurant will be closed.

Unfortunately, travelers who were looking to experience Shinjuku’s Robot Restaurant will have to wait. Tickets bought for the dates closed will be refunded according to their website.

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TeamLab Borderless and Planets

Planets Closure Period: Fri, February 29 to April 12th.

Borderless Closure Period: Closed until further notice. 

This popular lighting display/museum is closed with the Planets exhibit reopening on March 15. Unfortunately, The Borderless section hasn’t announced a reopening date. 

Read More: TeamLab Borderless and Planets

Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea

Closure Period: Closed until April 20th or later.

A must-see attraction for Disney fans, both Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea, is experiencing it’s most extended closure since opening. 

More Details: Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea Website

Fuji-Q Highland

Closure Period: Partially closed with a few attractions available. An entirely reopen date is not determined 

The Fuji-Q theme park is only partially open with just a few attractions available to guests, including the ice skate rink. Check their website for updates. 

Read More: Fuji-Q Highland

Tokyo Skytree

Closure Period: Sun, March 1 to till further notice.

The Skytree, aquarium and planetarium is closed till March 15. But the Mall will be open for shopping and eating.  

Read More:

Ghibli Museum

Closure Period: until Tues, April 28th

Anime lovers will be disappointed to hear that the Ghibli Museum is closed till mid-March. April tickets are also postponed, suggesting that it may be closed in April as well. 

Read More: Ghibli Museum Website

Ueno Zoo

Closure Period: Closed until April 12

This Popular inner-city zoo for families is closing for two weeks, set to reopen March 15. 

Read More: Tokyo Ueno Zoo

Sanrio Puroland

Closure Period: Closed until early April

This Child-friendly amusement park is closed until late March. But expect it to be pushed through till April, following Disney’s lead.

More Details: PuroLand Website

Yokohama Cosmo World

Closure Period: Closed until April 13th

Yokohama’s fun but small amusement park is closing its doors till mid-March. Like the above amusement parks, it is likely it will stay closed till April. 

Edo Tokyo Museum

Closure Period: February 29 to April 13th

Tourists looking to check out the cool Edo Tokyo Museum will have to wait till at least March 16. 

More Details: Edo Tokyo Museum Website

Mori Art Museum

Closure Period: Until Further Notice

This fascinating art museum is closed until mid-March, which includes Cafe, Restaurant, and Shop.

More Details: Mori Art Museum

In addition to tourist spots closing, it appears Tokyo’s most popular nightclubs are starting to close in order to prevent the spread.

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