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How to Order a Drink like a Badass In Japanese

With the simple sections in this article, you can finally order a drink in Japanese (like a badass). No longer will you need your phrasebook, slowed-down English, and ridiculous charades to order a drink in Japan; all you need are the Japanese phrases below.

Getting Started:

While ordering drinks in Japanese, there’s one critical word that stands above the rest: “please”. Politeness is ingrained in the language, so please don’t forget it.

Japanese has two forms of please.

And the more formal and polite:

When to use each one depends on the context of the request. The other phrase you’ll want to master, is “Cheers!” To say “Cheers” in Japanese, simply shout “KAMPAI!” So with your “please” and “kampai” in hand, let’s gear up for a night of language learning and drunkenness.

Tokyo Bar Hopping

Sober Drinks:

O-mizu/ mizu
おみず or お水

Standard Drinks:

Bee-ru (ビール)

Red Wine
Aka wain

White Wine
Shiro wain


There are also various Japanese drinks you can choose from:
  • Plum Wine (umeshu/梅酒)
  • Sake (nihonshu/日本酒)
  • Shochu (焼酎)
  • Okinawan Shochu (awamori/泡盛)


Simple Ordering:

Draft Beer please
Nama beeru kudasai
なまビール を ください

For the following examples, we will use beer. But wine, mixed drink, or Japanese drinks can be used in their place. The basic principle still applies.
One beer please!
Beeru o ippai kudasai
ビール を いっぱい おねがいします
Two beers please!
Beeru o ni hai kudasai
ビール を にはい おねがいします
Three beers please!
Beeru o san bai kudasai
ビール を さんばい おねがいします
Four beers please!
Beeru o yon hai kudasai
ビール を よんはい おねがいします
Five beers
Beeru o go hai kudasai
ビール を ごはい おねがいします
Six beers
Beeru o roppai kudasai
ビール を ろっぱい おねがいします

Baller/VIP Ordering:

Three bottles 

What’s your recommendation? 
Osusume wa nandeska?
おすすめ は なんですか? 

Closing Up Shop

When’s last call?
Lasto orda wa nanji desuka?

Can credit cards be used?
Credito cardo tsukaimasuka?

Check please!
O kaikei o onegaishimasu

With these basics, you’ll have all your essentials to delivering flawless Japanese at any of the bars in Tokyo. 
Ready to learn more Japanese? Check out our complete guide to Free Japanese Learning Apps!

What’s your favorite drink to order? Any difficulties getting it in Japan? Comment below!

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