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How to Stay Connected While Traveling in Japan with a Pocket WiFi Router

When traveling around Japan experiencing the amazing nightlife, staying connected is essential, and a pocket WiFi router can be a perfect solution. Often more practical than tourist SIM cards, pocket WiFi is especially useful for groups or those with multiple devices, such as phones, tablets, and laptops. These portable wifi in routers are easy to rent and return, making them a smart choice. 

This guide will explain what a portable WiFi router is, how to rent one, and our top pick.

pocket wifi router in Japan

What is a portable Wifi Router

A mobile WiFi router allows you to access the Internet on your smartphone, tablet, and other devices by connecting to the local mobile network. This lets you use the Internet abroad without facing high roaming charges.

Renting a Pocket WiFi Router In Japan

Renting a pocket WiFi router in Japan is straightforward. You simply fill out an online application (all providers have English booking pages), and the router will be ready for collection at the airport upon your arrival or delivered to your accommodation shortly after you arrive. Both options are often free; if not, expect a small fee between ¥500 and ¥1,100. Booking your WiFi router two to three days in advance is usually sufficient.

Once you have the pocket WiFi router, just switch it on, connect your devices using the provided password, and you’re online. Before you leave Japan, return the router in the prepaid envelope by dropping it in a postbox or leave it at the airport before checking in. Different providers have different return instructions.

pocket wifi router in Japan

Which Pocket WiFi Router is the best in Japan?

In our opinion, the best option is the Ninja WiFi’s Unlimited Plan router. This pocket WiFi router operates on the SoftBank network, utilizing 4G and 4G LTE. There are 3 plans with the biggest plan being 10GB of data per day. Simply book your router with Ninja WiFi at the link here.

How much does a Ninja Pocket Wifi Router cost?

The base rental rate for the Ninja WiFi Unlimited Plan, including tax, is 770 yen per day. However, Tokyo Night Owls can get a 10% discount, reducing the cost of a 1 day rental to just 693 yen. (Note: The discount is applied automatically when ordered through our special link, before tax is added.)

You can pick up and drop off your device for free at major Japanese airports, including Narita, Haneda and Osaka. Additional options for a Power Bank, AC Adapters and more.

For those needing more high-speed data, there are also 5GB a day and 10GB a day plans. With our discount, the 5GB a day plan costs 990 yen per day and the 10GB a day plan costs 1,188 Yen per day with the discount. 

All three options can be found on the Ninja WiFi order form. Click here to reserve a WiFi router for your trip.

Pick-up and Return

pocket wifi router in Japan

After reserving your router, pick up upon arriving at one of several of Japan’s major international airports. On your return, simply drop off at the airport when you are leaving Japan.

It is also puck up for free at key locations such as Shinjuku and Asakusabashi. You can also have the router delivered to your hotel for 550 yen (tax included). 

Best option to save some extra yen and stress would be to book ahead of your flight and pick it up at the airport. 

When should I reserve my router?

Simply book a Ninja Wifi router 1 day before by 3pm. Best bet is to book it at least a week ahead so you don’t forget. 

Do You Need WiFi Router Insurance?

While optional, it’s wise to opt for at least a basic insurance plan when renting a WiFi router in Japan. 100% coverage is 330 yen per day but can save you a lot of stress and potential expenses if anything goes wrong with the router.

Exclusive Tokyo Night Owl Discount

Simply enter our code tokyonightowl10 during the check out when renting a Ninja WiFi router for 10% off! Or simply click here to go straight to the reservation page.

Staying connected while traveling in Japan is effortless with a pocket WiFi router. It provides reliable internet access for multiple devices without the high cost of roaming fees. Renting one is easy and convenient, with collection and return options available at major airports and hotels.

The Ninja WiFi’s Unlimited Plan is a top recommendation, offering robust data plans and affordable rates, especially with available discounts. Booking ahead ensures a smooth experience, and opting for insurance can provide additional peace of mind. Stay connected and enjoy your travels in Japan!

Written by The Tokyo Night Owl

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