Japanese Hangover Cures

Review of the best and worst hangover prevention drinks.

Japanese Hangover cure

ヘパリーゼW (ハイパー)
Heparize W (Hyper)

Despite a design that suggests otherwise, Heparize is a much lighter and smoother drink. There is much less turmeric in the mix, but I liked the taste of this drink much more than the others.

Price: 360 Yen
Contains: Liver Extract 120mg, Ginger extract 54 mg

Japanese Hangover cure


This drink contained in a small green shaped glass container is supposed to aid with the effects of a hangover. The taste is a mixture of Chinese medicine and black licorice. Needless to say, it was the worst tasting drink of the bunch.

Price: 351
Contains: Ukon 300 mg

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Have you tried a Japanese Hangover drink? Do you recommend a different product? Let us know in the comments.

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