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Tokyo Nightlife Awards 2020: The Winners!

2020 is now in the past, and we can look towards a hopefully more positive 2021. And with that comes our winners of the Tokyo Nightlife Awards for 2020! Thanks to our amazing reader’s votes we have been able to put together a complete list of winners who deserve your visit!

Find the results below:

Tokyo Nightlife Awards 2020: The Winners

1. Best EDM Nightclub In Tokyo

WARP Shinjuku

Shinjuku’s best and only real nightclub comes in at 1st place as the best Tokyo EDM nightclub. With the massive EDM screen, top-quality production values, and a practically full dance floor even during the pandemic, it isn’t a surprise that it’s a favorite. In 2019 alone WARP booked enormous EDM DJs like Sam Feldt, Jonas Blue, and Headhunterz.

2. Best Hip Hop Nightclub

1oak Tokyo

1oak closed earlier this year and re-opened at the old ELE Tokyo location. The venue is a greater distance from Roppongi now, but the new venue is good. Since opening 1oak is the only nightclub in Japan to book international hip hop acts, and since the pandemic, they have consistently booked local Japanese hip hop talent. Our only concern is their loose anti-covid procedures regarding mask requirements.

3. Best Techno Nightclub


Although WOMB is not the only techno nightclub in town, few can disagree that when WOMB does a Techno night… its just right!

4. Best All Mix Club

Club Camelot

Club Camelot has lost a bit of its luster this year with a change of ownership, but regardless Club Camelot still has it’s fans making it the best All Mix Club In Tokyo.

5. Best Roppongi After Hours Nightclub


Popular with locals, and probably the least sleazy of Roppongi’s After Hours options, Jumanji is a clear favorite with voters.

6. Best Overall Tokyo Nightclub

Tokyo Nightlife Awards

Warp Shinjuku

Warp comes in as the best overall Tokyo Nightclub in Tokyo. A combo of strong safety measures with a full dance floor every day of the week, even during 2020, makes WARP a clear winner.

7. Best Local International DJ

Tokyo Nightlife Awards


VIVID’s profile continues to grow with massive releases on big EDM labels like Spinnin Records and Armada music. The international dance music scene recognizes his work, and the Japanese club circuit frequently refers to him as the #1 foreign DJ earning him headlining gigs at the best clubs in the country.

8. The Best Japanese DJ


Natsumi’s cute looks and electrifying DJ sets feature hard dance has earned a strong following of fans. It is a unique look and sound for a petite Japanese girl, but she is a DJ to keep an eye on.

9. The Best Izakaya


This small chain of izakayas is a clear winner with international tourists. The food is great and the service is tremendous.

10. The Best Girls Bar

Bunny Girls Bar Royal 

Girls dressed up in bunny costumes as they serve you cocktails? Clearly a winning combination for a girls bar!

11. The Best Pub

Tokyo Nightlife Awards

Aldgate British Pub

This authentic British pub is a staple in Shibuya. Featuring delicious ales and british bar food classics, it isn’t surprising to see this win with voters.

12. The Best Expat Bar

Tokyo Nightlife Awards


It was a close one between Ce La VI and R2, but Roppongi’s R2 has been popular with foreign expats for years. The friendly bar tenders and lively atmosphere, often with local DJ filling the air with beats is a easy choice.

13. The Best Hotel Bar

New York Bar, Park Hyatt Tokyo

The Park Hyatt Tokyo hotel will be forever linked to Sofia Coppola’s film “Lost in Translation.” Popular with tourists and locals, with an amazing view and delicious drinks.

14. The Best Whisky Bar

The Whisky Library

This popular whisky bar packs its shelves with a stunning collection of more than 1,200 different distilled spirits, sourced from all of the world’s major whisky (and whiskey) regions. A clear favorite with our readers.

15. The Best Cocktail Bar

Bar Trench

This small watering hole, located in an alley a few minutes’ from Ebisu Station is a unique and a favorite for drinkers looking for unique herbal liqueurs, interesting cocktails or a huge selection of bitters.

16. The Best Craft Beer Bar

Y.Y.G. Brewery & Beer Kitchen

Our readers enjoy the wide selection of domestic and house-brewed craft beers available here. The food on the upper floors doesn’t hurt either! Learn more about Tokyo’s Craft beers in our complete guide.

17. The Best Strip Club

Tokyo Nightlife Awards

Madam Woo Tokyo

This relatively new Strip Club located in Shibuya is immensely popular. If you are looking for twerking pole dancers, this is the spot.

18. The Best Convenience Store Drink

Strong Zero

This winner says a lot about our readers, hah! This classic street drink is known for its potent alcohol content and cheap price. A clear winner!

19. The Best Nightlife District in Tokyo

Tokyo Nightlife Awards


Anyone partying in Tokyo can definitely say that Roppongi just aint the same. You might even say it is dead compared to it’s glory days. Shibuya with it’s wide range of nightclubs, bars, and constant additions, makes it a obvious winner.

Keep an eye on Shinjuku as WARP and Robot Restaurant’s presence is beginning to change the face of Shinjuku’s nightlife scene.

20. The Best Dating App in Japan


The most widely used English dating app is without a doubt Tinder. Have you tried the other dating apps?

20. Best Karaoke Chain in Tokyo

Karaoke Kan

This popular Karaoke chain is a favorite with most of our readers. We reckon it is because of all the convenient locations in Shibuya.

21. Best Late Night Eats

Tokyo Nightlife Awards


One would think Ramen would be the most popular go-to late night eat, but the reality of a hefty bowl of noodles and broth is sometimes too much after a night of booze. Shibuya and Roppongi both have excellent Sushi options open past 5 am.

Thanks for sharing your opinion and casting your vote for 2020’s Tokyo Nightlife Awards!

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