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Sakuraco Box Review: Authentic Japanese Snacks

One of our favorite things about Japan is the amazing food. And during the pandemic, it became difficult for those living outside Japan to enjoy the flavors of Japan. That is where companies like Sakuraco come in, offering monthly snack boxes containing some of the best Japanese snacks.


What is Sakuraco

Sakuraco is a well-known Japanese subscription snack box company that sends out traditional snacks from all over japan. This usually includes teas, traditional local snacks, Japanese cakes, mochi, and more. In addition to the typical snacks, each box also comes with Japanese home goods such as ceramics, chopsticks, or a teacup.

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift for someone special or want to sample the unique tastes of Japan outside the typical candies Sakuraco is a great option.

They offer 4 different subscription plans including 12 months, 6 months, 3 months, or even 1 month.

Whats Inside A Sakuraco Box


When you first open a box from Sakuraco, you will be greeted by a gorgeous booklet with info about the region the snacks are sourced from, and info about the local producers. It also contains allergy information and a list of ingredients.

Within our box, we received items from Ibaraki prefecture, with a harvest season theme. This included some delicious snacks like the Chestnut Karinto, Melon Jelly, Sencha with Matcha, Blueberry Manju, Sweet Potato Cookie, Strawberry Tart, and much much more. The sheer variety of items highlights the diversity of Ibaraki’s food, and how well Sakuraco is able to collect these local treats for us to devour.

Additionally, every Sakuraco Japanese monthly box features a locally sourced home goods product such as a cup, bowl, plate, cutlery, chopsticks, or other Japanese tableware. In my package, it was a random item, and I received a beautiful floral pattern bowl. Perfect for pouring my snacks.

Our favorites

There were so many amazing snacks in our box but our favorites were:

Ibaraki Chestnut Karinto:
A snack our team has never eaten before, it had an almost brown sugar taste, a big crunch, and paired well with coffee.

Beniazuma Sweet Potato Cake
Sweet potato is truly the taste of fall in Japan, and this little cake really hit the spot.

White Peach Cookie:
This little cook was mildly sweet and paired well with the included Sencha with Matcha tea.

Is it Worth It


If you are looking to taste the flavors of Japan outside the typical flavored Kit Kats, and weird chip flavors other snack boxes offer, then Sakuraco is a great option. The wide variety of items that even our team living in Tokyo hasn’t had made it a fun experience.

Sakuraco sent Tokyo Night Owl a box for review. Our thoughts on the product are 100% our own. Links on this article earn Tokyo Night Owl a small commission.

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