Tokyo’s Best Halloween Parties 2023

As Halloween approaches, one thing is certain in Japan: the resurgence of grand Tokyo Halloween parties in 2023. And, speaking for ourselves, we can’t help but admit how much we are excited for Tokyo’s incredible and vibrant Halloween parties.

Over the years, Tokyo has experienced a remarkable surge in Halloween’s popularity. You can now find Halloween candy in most grocery stores, while department stores adorn their premises with jack-o-lanterns. Families have also embraced the holiday from the comfort of their homes, now commonly referred to as “HaroPa ハロパ.”

Yet even more renowned are the enormously popular Halloween street parties that, for better or worse, have consistently captured international media attention year after year. This year the Shibuya government is encouraging revelers to not party on the street, so for those looking to party this Halloween in Tokyo, the nightclubs will be your best option.

Six Tokyo Halloween

To help our fellow Tokyo Night Owls, we have put together a list of the Best Halloween Parties of 2023. Before heading out, here are some useful Tokyo Night Owl tips:

  1. Nightclubs have ghoulishly long lines. To avoid this, we recommend arriving at the club no later than 11 pm.
  2. Buy your costume beforehand. You don’t want to be stuck wearing a Pikachu snuggie. The Mega Donkey Hotte in Shibuya and Roppongi have a wide selection of Halloween costumes. Also, has dozens of options with next day shipping. Be warned though, Halloween costumes in Japan are typically overpriced.
  3. Pre-funk. Lines at the bar on Halloween can be hellish. Get the party started with some conbini 9% chu his or a canned hi-ball. Note that Shibuya’s convenience stores will not sell alcohol.
  4. Avoid the Roppongi dumps. There are loads of small bars masquerading as nightclubs in Roppongi. And during Halloween, with the long lines for the hot nightclubs, you may be inclined to hit these places up. Don’t! They will be packed, sleazy, and possibly dangerous.
  5. Arrived dressed up and ready to party. It may seem odd to wear a costume on a train, but in Tokyo, its commonplace during Halloween. Nothing worse than having to find a corner or bathroom in Shibuya where you can get into costume.

Bonus tip for the fellas: Skip the scary or bloody makeup, and stick to cute costumes. Japanese girls will be more inclined to chat up a handsome Mario than a decomposing zombie.


1. ZOUK Tokyo: Yelloween with VIVID

The newest nightclub in Tokyo and perhaps the most talked about nightclub at the moment is ZOUK TOKYO. They are collaborating with Veuve Clicquot’s Yelloween theme for a night of spooky champagne popping fun. On top of that, they have booked Tokyo’s leading foreign DJ and EDM producer (and Tokyo Night Owl content creator) VIVID for a high energy set full of thrills.

Tokyo Night Owl Tip:
ZOUK Tokyo is the newest nightclub in Japan right now, and the hype is real. Expect a long line, so arrive early to avoid standing outside for too long.

Tokyo Night Owl Discount

Save big on ZOUK TOKYO’s Halloween party October 28th with Tokyo Night Owl’s exclusive discount. Email us at the button below, with your full name to be added to the Guestlist.

When: October 28th
Where: Zouk Tokyo, Ginza
How Much: Men are ¥3,000 and Women ¥2,000
Buy Tickets here:

2. WARP Halloween 2023

Shinjuku’s hottest nightclub located at the heart of the redlight district will host a space Halloween party October 27th, 28th and 31st. WARP Shinjuku has made an explosive entry to Tokyo’s nightclub scene with some of the biggest parties in town, and they are promising to make this year’s Halloween special.

Tokyo Night Owl Tip:
WARP is currently Tokyo’s most popular nightclub, so be sure to arrive early to avoid waiting in line too long. Also by arriving early, the door price gets cheaper, with ladies being free!

When: October 28th – 31st 9pm – 4:30am
Where: Warp, Shinjuku
How Much: Men: 4000 Yen with 1 free drink and Women: Free when wearing a costume
Event Details:

3. Sel Octagon

Sel Octagon, Roppongi’s only proper EDM centric nightclub is pulling out all the stops with a MASSIVE Halloween party with EDM kings BlasterJaxx. This will perhaps be the biggest Halloween event for EDM lovers on Halloween night, so don’t miss it!

Tokyo Night Owl Tip:
Sel Octagon is the only club this Halloween booking international DJs… so if you want that big international sound, this is the party to be at.

When: October 31st, 10 pm – Late
Where: Sel Octagon, Roppongi
Tickets: 5,000 Yen + 1D for Men 4,000 Yen +1D
Buy Tickets and Event Details:

4. Club Camelot: Hospital Halloween

A bit of an institution in Tokyo for nightclubs, Club Camelot continues their horror themed Halloween nights. Perhaps the most fully themed out event happening this year, so be sure to check it out if you want a proper Halloween themed event. This year they are bringing back their fun and creepy Hospital horror theme.

Tokyo Night Owl Tip:
Ladies enter free when they wear a full costume!

When: October 27th – 31st 9pm – 5am
Where: Camelot, Shibuya
How Much: Men 3,900 Yen +1 Drink and Women 1,500 Yen + 1 Drink. Wear a costume for special discounts.
Event Details:

5. 1Oak Tokyo

This year 1Oak Tokyo is hosting a unique Halloween party in collaboration with Shein, the Chinese fast fashion brand. Guests who wear a costume from the Shein website receive free entry!

Tokyo Night Owl Tip:
Use the coupon code “1oakt” for 20% off the Shein Japan website for costumes.

When: October 26th 11 pm – 5 am
Where: Roppongi
Tickets: Free entry with a Shein Costume
Event Details:

6. Ce La Vi Tokyo: Yelloween

Ce La Vi Tokyo continues their collaboration with Veuve Clicquot to present “Yelloween. Expect Halloween special performances and Tokyo’s top all mix DJs rocking the outdoor terrace and dance club. Food will also be available!

Tokyo Night Owl Tip:
Ce La Vi Tokyo has a strict dress code, so if you are not coming in a costume, be sure to dress up.
Also, check the weather, the outdoor section can get chilly.

When: October 27th to the 31st 9 pm – Late
Where: Ce La Vi Tokyo, Shibuya
Door Price: TBD
Buy Tickets and Event Details:

8. V2 Tokyo : Haunted Jailhouse

For the first time we are featuring V2’s Halloween party as this year they are pulling out all the stops for a creepy Jailhouse theme! On top of that, ladies are free all month long, so ladies this is a no brainer. If you are looking for a bit of everything, V2 is the spot this Halloween.

Tokyo Night Owl Tip:
Arrive early! V2 get long very early.

When: All month in October
Where: V2, Roppongi
How Much: Men 4,000 Yen 2D, Women Ladies Free Entry
Event Details:

9. TK : Black Halloween

TK, perhaps Shibuya’s most conveniently located nightclub, just a 3 minute walk from the Shibuya crossing. This year they are throwing several Halloween parties, and they are promising a freaky line up of dancers and DJs. Expect top EDM and Open Format sounds to be played by the DJs.

Tokyo Night Owl Tip:
TK is a great starting place for those looking for a top nightclub in Tokyo but don’t want to walk too far.

When: October 22nd to 31st, 9 pm to late
Where: TK, Shibuya
How Much: 3,500 Yen 2D for Men, 500 Yen 1D for Women
Event Details:

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